Founded in Switzerland in 1921, Sintetica has a vast experience in development, production and marketing of injectable anaesthetics, analgesics, vasoactives and narcotics. All our products are developed and produced at our two production sites in Mendrisio/TI and Couvet/NE. Sintetica is the Swiss leader for pain relief therapy & local anaesthesia and is continuously expanding its activity both in the Swiss and international market. In anaesthesia and intensive care, Sintetica is an important partner providing customers with ready to use, life-saving products of excellent quality, without added preservatives or stabilizers.




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Sintetica SA
Via Penate 5
6850 Mendrisio
Tel. 0800 005 707

S. Bellmont
Area Sales Manager
Tel. + 41 (0) 76 362 16 36

C. Faure Beaulieu
Area Sales Manager
Tel. + 41 (0) 79 436 18 05 

G. Leu
Director Marketing & Sales Switzerland